Accessibility FAQ

Imperial Theatre would like to accommodate your needs as best possible, however, we recognize that there are many types of existing barriers one may face when accessing the theatre. Please send inquiry, feedback or resources regarding accessibility and improvement by phone (506-674-4100) or email (




The entrance to Imperial Theatre is a ground-level entry/exit. There are automatic doors located on the far right (facing the building from the street.) There is then a vestibule, followed by a second set of doors into the lobby, also automatic.


There are four levels, accessible by stairs or by elevator. 


Lower Lobby Basement Coat check, washrooms
Orchestra/Main Lobby           First floor Access to Orchestra seating, 

Box Office, Concessions

Balcony Second floor         Access to Balcony seating, Concessions, washrooms
Administration Third floor Offices – staff only


Imperial Theatre has two sets of wheelchair accessible washroom facilities – men’s and women’s washrooms in the Lower Lobby, and men’s and universal washrooms on the Balcony level. The doors to the washroom are not automatic. If you need assistance, please speak to a staff member.


Inside the auditorium, there are no steps to access the seating of the Orchestra. However, seats in the Balcony do require stairs to access. The number of steps depends on the location of the seat, as each row rises by one flight. As such, accessible seating is located in the Orchestra. Imperial Theatre aims to accommodate access needs wherever possible – please contact the Box Office for more details. 


The Box Office is located in the Main Lobby, and has two kiosks. One kiosk is raised at standing height, and the other is lower at waist height.




  • Bus Routes: Imperial Theatre is within walking distance of Charlotte Street / RBC stop, accessible via several lines. Saint John City Transit runs until approximately 11pm. CLICK HERE to view Saint John City Transit routes, stops, and schedules.


  • Parking: Imperial Theatre Theatre does not have a parking lot, though on-street parking is available around King’s Square and on several neighbouring streets in the uptown area. Parking in some Saint John Parking Commission lots is free after 6:00 pm. There are two accessible parking spots located beside the Theatre, on the right hand side of the street.


  • Cell Phone Charging Station: Whether you are walking, driving, or busing to your next stop, we want you to leave the theatre with a phone fully charged! Speak with the House Manager in the Main Lobby if you need a charging cable for your device.




Unless it is advertised otherwise per event, Imperial Theatre’s staff members speak and write fluently in English language only. Francophone staff may be present, dependent on availability. Sign language interpretation, as well as other forms of written and/or verbal translation, is present and specified in the advertising of some, but not all of Imperial’s events.




Imperial Theatre is a public space and we ask folks to refrain from using scents or bringing food, plants, or animals containing allergens. However, we cannot guarantee this in the venue or at events.




Imperial Theatre operates under a liquor licence and does not allow outside liquor, drugs or drug use in the space. We ask that if you choose to consume alcoholic beverages that you do so in a responsible manner – limiting the amount of alcohol consumed and alternating with water or non-alcoholic beverages. We reserve the right to refuse service to patrons whose behaviour suggests that they are intoxicated, and may remove them at this time.




Imperial Theatre has a Safer Spaces Policy that is available on our website and in print, and is present at all events at the theatre. In brief, know that Imperial Theatre has anti-violence and pro-survivor policies in place, and will not tolerate discrimination or violent acts, which includes but is not limited to: racism, white supremacy, sexism, heterosexism/homophobia, cissexism/transphobia, queerphobia, sizeism, ableist and ageist comments, and all acts of violence and harassment. This is in effect at all times and under all conditions at Imperial Theatre.




Imperial Theatre is committed to excellence in serving all customers. Please visit or call our Box Office at 506-674-4100 to speak with Box Office staff. We will be pleased to help you find the seat that is perfect for you!


  • Accessible Seating: There is reserved seating on the Orchestra (floor) level for those who have access needs that cannot be accommodated by our regular seating. This could include wheelchair users, but extends to anyone who needs it. Side companion seating is also available, and we will do our best to accommodate your party. Accessible seating is subject to availability – please visit or call the Box Office to book.


  • Transfer Seating: Imperial Theatre has many seats that are ideal for those who are able to transfer and would prefer to sit in a standard theatre seat. Please call the Box Office to discuss the seating that works best for you.

  • Mobility Aids: If you use a mobility aid such as a walker or collapsible wheelchair, it can be stored for you by staff in one of two places, depending on the location of your seat. Please speak with the House Manager upon arriving at the theatre to make arrangements.


If you require hands-on assistance, please bring a friend or aide to accompany you. For your safety and ours, our Volunteers and Staff are unable to help with direct physical aid. We are happy to help place your mobility aids to the side during the show, and bring them back to you following the end of the performance.


Imperial Theatre is fully equipped with an Assistive Listening System throughout the auditorium for patrons who are hard of hearing. These hearing assist devices are available for no charge, but subject to availability. Devices may be reserved by calling the box office, or requested on the night of the show by visiting the House Manager’s desk in the Main Lobby.