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Buddy Wasisname The “Best of ” Tour

Buddy Wasisname The “Best of ” Tour

Location: Imperial Theatre

Date: November 13, 2018

Show Starts: 8 PM

Tickets: $40 Adults / $38 Seniors / $36 Students / $30 Youth (18 & under) / $26 Child (12 & under)

For 35 years, BWATOFs have been touring the country, liberally splashing their unique taste of NL about in places as far away as Iqaluit, Port hardy, the Maritimes and Alberta. It has brought them to more than 360 communities in Canada, including major cities and small towns. The flavor of the Buddy experience is one of homegrown folk music, song, recitation, and monologues and sketch comedy. Reaching for the most sublime song, portraiture, the most poignant recitation, playing the most beautiful of the traditional music, adding in deeply emotional travel anecdotes and bashing about humour as to widen the emotional loop, audiences are left teary-eyed and simultaneously exhausted from laughter. All in all the best two hours you’ll ever spend.

Imperial Theatre