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Location: Imperial Theatre

Date: March 12, 2020

Show Starts: 7:30 PM

Tickets: FREE

Presented by Shameless Hussey Productions

The play follows a young girl on a night out and the people she encounters, with the actress morphing fluidly between a flurry of 14 characters, both comedic and compelling. Designed to provoke thought and dialogue about sexual consent, DISSOLVE challenges us to change our beliefs and behaviour surrounding alcohol, drugs and sexual assault. DISSOLVE proposes to transform potential bystanders into ‘upstanders.’

Responding to interest from schools and educators, this play has been touring to colleges, universities and high schools throughout North America.

Shameless Hussy Productions: Established in 1995, shameless hussy productions is a company of rebellious, self producing, theatre artists co-founded by ensemble members Renée Iaci, Deb Pickman and costume designer Lana Krause along with creative associates Ion Brand Design and Shift Consulting. The company was later joined by photography firm Pink Monkey Studios, musician Stephen Bulat and former managing producer, Daune Campbell, who also contributes to the company as co-Artistic Director.

Our mission is:

telling provocative stories about women, to inspire the hand that rocks the cradle to rock the world.”

Imperial Theatre