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Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson

Location: Imperial Theatre

Date: Wednesday, May 06, 2020

Show Starts: 7:30 PM

Tickets: $35 adults / $30 subscribers / $20 students / $90 family of 4

Over the past 20 years Matt Johnson has literally traveled the globe performing in exotic locations such as Japan, Dubai, Argentina, Australia and throughout Europe.

Matt began his career in England as a young boy where he started to learn his craft as a traditional magician and illusionist. Since then he has traveled all over the world. On his travels around the world his knowledge in both magic and the mystic arts has grown. He has picked up secrets and techniques along the way from the countries he has visited and the people he has met. It’s this worldly perspective and his life stories that make Matt Johnson’s act truly unique and utterly captivating!

Matt’s show is not simply a magic show it’s a glimpse into the life and dedication of a born illusionist. He delivers his illusions with the edge of a street magician and the slick presence of a seasoned stage performer.

Every performance incorporates magic, mentalism, the power of suggestion, stunts, comedy and audience participation into an act that has been hailed “Incredible!” by Simon Cowell and “Wonderful!” by Penn & Teller.

Matt is also recognized worldwide for his dangerous escapes. These escapes were featured on the hit TV show Britain’s Got Talent and have gained Matt over 40 MILLION views on You Tube to date. Matt was also voted as the #1 MOST DANGEROUS ACT on Britain’s Got Talent.


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