STREAMING Music From the Edges of Canada featuring Soda Pony + Joëlle Rabu & Nico Rhodes

STREAMING Music From the Edges of Canada featuring Soda Pony + Joëlle Rabu & Nico Rhodes


Date: Monday, December 06, 2021

Show Starts: STREAMED

Tickets: $28 single show live or streaming | $100 early bird Series Pass for ALL streaming | $123 after October 28 for ALL streaming

 About Soda Pony

Hailing from Whitehorse, Yukon, Soda Pony is made up of local idiots Patrick Hamilton and Aiden Tentrees. In the city where they’re best known as scavengers or employees at the local dump, Soda Pony captures the hearts, minds, and stomachs of anyone who’s ever wondered if it would be better to live on Mars while taping their muffler on to their truck. Fueled by the local drive-through, Soda Pony creates an explosion of sound reminiscent of a sci-fi, trailer-trash version of Simon and Garfunkel, sharing vocal leads that blend the earnest and the irreverent. Together they have been messing around with music in a scrap pile of genres for more than a decade, which evolved into the formation of Soda Pony in 2013.

About Joëlle Rabu & Nico Rhodes

Joëlle is two-time Jessie Award winner and Juno nominee; has recorded 6 albums; toured throughout 5 continents and won numerous accolades for her torch singing style and International charm. She sings in several languages; has starred in numerous theatre productions; performed for royalty; and has made several guest appearances with major symphony orchestras across Canada and the USA.

Nico is an accomplished choral arranger-director with a dream to create several community choirs, each celebrating life’s many diverse ages, genders and abilities while promoting inclusivity for all. He is also a devotee of the Elders’ community; fundraising, knitting, playing for them in support of Mental Health Awareness.

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