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Coat Check

There is a coat check available in our lower lobby.


Washrooms are located on the balcony level and the lower level. All washrooms have accessible stalls and change tables.

Cell Phones

Please remember to turn off your cell phone when entering the auditorium. Not only does a ringing/chiming phone disturb everyone, but the backlight of a device’s screen is equally distracting to those around you.


For the vast majority of performances, the use of any recording equipment (cameras, video cameras and audio recording devices including cellular phone and tablets) is prohibited.

Please listen for pre-show announcements or, if in doubt, ask an usher. In cases where limited use of personal cameras is allowed, please be considerate of those around you.

Flashes are ineffective in the auditorium and must always be turned off. Please remember that the constant use of any device is a distraction to those seated around you, and you will be asked to put the device away if you are causing a disturbance.

The quality of your recording can never match the experience of enjoying a live performance, so sit back and enjoy the show.

A Special Note About Flash Photography

In addition to being ineffective in the auditorium, flashes are dangerously distracting for performers – especially dancers. Anyone taking flash photographs will be asked to leave the auditorium.

A Word About Scents

We ask our patrons to refrain from using strong scents out of respect for your fellow patrons who may have sensitivities.

Where is my Seat?

We have added seat number ranges to the walls above the doors to the auditorium to help you determine which side to enter. Once inside, one of our friendly, trained volunteer ushers would be happy to show you to your seat.


To ensure an enjoyable experience for all, latecomers will not be admitted until there is a suitable break in the performance and will be seated where it will not interfere with other patrons’ enjoyment of the show.


Imperial Theatre