Support The Imperial Theatre


Subscribers are those patrons that buy 6 or more Imperial presented shows all at once. Subscribers are invited to our annual Season Launch in June and then given the first crack at the best seats. Learn more about Being a Subscriber.


Generous donations, no matter the size, are the life-blood of a non-profit arts organization like Imperial and we are able to keep welcoming audiences to the theatre because of our city’s generous spirit. Learn more about how you can donate.


Businesses support the arts for many different reasons; promotion, employee engagement, community outreach, etc.. Whatever the reason, we are fortunate to work with some really wonderful companies and we are always looking for new partners. Find more info here.


WE COULD NOT DO IT without our VOLUNTEERS! Their profound commitment to the theatre is priceless and they are truly the best. If you’re looking for a fun and meaningful volunteer opportunity you can learn more here.