Welcome to the 30th season of Imperial Theatre.

What's going on at Imperial Theatre this season?

  • 30  Outreach events - 30 Events in honour of our 30th Anniversary

    • There will be opportunities to take part in workshops, senior home and school visits, master classes, kitchen parties, FREE school shows, Intergenerational nights and pre and post-show chats with artists
  • Mandy Patinkin is coming!

    • And because he's such a star, Imperial Theatre is presenting him in Halifax, too!
  • We have a 2pm weekday show: Piano Heist

    • We hear it all the time, nighttime shows can be stressful for some in our community - so we're trying a FREE, 2pm show, on a Wednesday for those who might appreciate it!
  • NEW! Introducing Tiered Pricing for two shows

    • Ballet Jörgen; Anne of Green Gables - The Ballet, and Mermaid Theatre: It's Okay to be Different are both going to be part of our All Walks Of Life Series
    • We created this to help make quality, professional theatre experiences available to All Walks of Life
    • Tiered Pricing means that you choose the cost per ticket when you book your seats
    • Pricing ranges from $0 to $40 per ticket and the patron chooses what makes most sense for them
    • When a patron chooses the higher pricing it contributes to help other patrons attend (Pay It Forward)






Bethany Stout

Assistant Executive Director
Director of Programming & Communications

(506) 674-4129